Our dearest Tango is all grown up and dressed in clingy plastic wrap and people are talking about what's on the inside:   

Shapiro and Schukle display a raw, sludgy rock ecstasy that revels in its ability to rattle your bones and brain while still reminding you why this sort of raucous sound is still necessary...  they tear down everything in their path and rebuild the surrounding countryside in a way that fits their noisy and cathartic justification."   -Nooga

"What Steel Cranes have done is make music that will want you to grip into/onto the attitude given not wanting to let go of its power."  -This is Book's Music

"For those who haven't noticed, one of the biggest problems with twenty-first century rock and pop music is the fact that almost everyone compresses the hell out of everything and you end up losing any and all dynamics that might have been there in the first place.  These two ladies seem to be taking the opposite approach with their songs.  The tracks on Tango have definite peaks and valleys in terms of volume and intensity.  We can't remember the last time we've heard a duo like this... "   -Baby Sue



We are really excited to unleash the new video for our song, "Pretty".  Amanda and I met up for a few days in the desert to film with a rough game plan. After day one we decided to do a loose narrative and needed someone the next day to play the role of my boyfriend.  I took to Tinder, furiously swiping our way to an incredible guest star. Once a dating app, now a booming resource for last minute artistic collaborations.  Enjoy!  -T


"Throughout the track, tempos boomerang, transitioning from deep, harmonic chords to explosions of thundering drums and chaotic bass, before easing back down with some titillating high-hats. And, on top of it all, there is Shapiro's languid, raspy voice..."

SF Weekly is premiering Pretty, the first single off our new album, Tango.  Check it out HERE!


Let there be visuals to accompany music! 
We had an amazing day yesterday filming with dear and talented friends. Though this image could easily be filed away as a document of yet another odd thing Tracy does to take care of herself...


We see the light metaphorically.  But also, as this photo reveals, we see the light quite literally.  Though we obviously refuse to let our expressions reflect the pristine majestic peace and swells of warmth emanating from this light and finding its way into the deepest crevasses of our souls because we have to still look like a band.  The wheels are turning to get this puppy child love muffin of a second album out into the world and we are...  Distant?  Bemused?  

We are fucking thrilled to share this with you is what we are.  STAY TUNED!


I am just days away from finishing mixing the new Steel Cranes album and my brain now solely thinks in tenths of decibels. I love that Tracy's brain, however, thinks in "micro notches," "smidgybits," "chilling out a touch," and "smudges."


We've been hiding out in various southwest desert abodes taking walks with saguaros and sage and and bringing to life the nine songs that will comprise our next album.  It may seem like we've gone missing.  No shows.  An abysmal twitter feed.  No trashed hotel rooms.  Not even so much as a non nuanced Buzzfeed Steel Cranes think piece.

We are not missing.  We are deep in hermitage, doing the butterfly through an all consuming labor of love.  We recorded our first album, Ouroboros, in ten days with the wonderful Eli Crews holding down the engineering duties.  This time around, we're producing, engineering, and mixing everything ourselves while exploring meandering pathways and rabbit holes of orchestration and arrangements and we are looking towards completion almost one year after commencing.  It's a drastically different beast and one we can't wait to share.  We'll be emerging this spring for our first tour in what feels like forever. STAY TUNED.  We miss you!

Amanda: You're doing great. That was so great.
Tracy: Awe, thanks for saying that.
Amanda: No really you're doing great just do better this take.
Tracy: Oh.
Amanda: But really you're doing great.
Tracy: Thank you so much.


We're heading out soon for a string of west coast shows. We've kidnapped a gent named Raum. He is a man of comedy who also plays the bass. And NOT slap bass, can you even believe it? He's going to be playing with us on this tour to our and your sweet low end delight.

Our dear ol' friends from Seattle, Skates!, will be with us for our LA, San Francisco, and Seattle shows. They are a force, check them out. Can't wait to see you all real soon!

Here's some extra details on the shows:



World, meet Josie, our new band stylist.

We decided to invest in something of utmost importance with all the money we're saving recording this new album ourselves… A new image! Yeah sure, you heard our song on the radio. Ha no you didn't. Uh, you heard our song on that commercial. Ha no you didn't. Okay you somehow got our album and have listened to no more than one minute of three different songs and you found yourself thinking, "Huh, these guys are pretty meh, but I'm sorta curious." First you google "best ice cream flavors for depression," then "sex tips for introverts," then "steel cranes music." So you find us online and you check out a bunch of pictures and you think, "Well, I don't know. There's not much pizzazz here."

Yeah, we know. We get it. And we're doing something about it. Thank you Josie! You have every right to look that proud.


We've been hibernating since our fall tour fielding the ol' daily existential crisis and getting ready to record our second album, which we've decided to both produce and engineer ourselves to our cheap and control freaky delight! We lucked out big time last week when a friend offered us free reign over his cabin, which is perched on a cliff overlooking the ocean in Big Sur. We happily set up shop with the support of our canine mascot, Tango, who we were "watching" as part of the package. Tango speaks english so we pretty much just asked him for a lot of advice.

"Hey Tango, do you think this drum part should go ta ta ta tatata boom boom chick ta or ta ta ta tatata boom chick boom ta?"

"Hey Tango, if I sing this line with the emphasis on the 'oh oh oh' instead of on the 'Ahhhhhhh' do you think people will get me? Like really get me?"

We went through an exorbitant amount of butter and tortilla chips, sonically binged on Fleet Foxes and siriusXM Backspin radio, and watched a Gram Parsons documentary to Tracy's joy and Amanda's apathy, rewatched Y Tu Mamá También to Tracy's tears and Amanda's joy, and witnessed some otherworldly sunsets and a few sunrises for good measure.

The sounds and songs we were able to capture during our week in Big Sur left us with a solid foundation that we couldn't be more excited about. The next few months we'll be spending a lot of time in various homes and studios bringing these tunes to life. Our release is still a ways out there, likely fall of 2015, but we'll be playing songs old and new on the road in the meantime. Hope to see you out there!

Here's some photos from our week...


Thank you to everyone who made our fall tour so fun and memorable. We feel really fortunate to have such great friends that we get to drop in on, play with, and hang with when we travel. We met a slew of new incredible people and bands that we can't wait to see more of down the road. We got home tired to the core but with our hearts overflowing, just dribbling onto the floor for us to slip on. As though returning home isn't disorienting enough. These tours do not happen without the help and support of so many people. We feel your love and we hope you feel ours.

Your favorite "Power Babe" duo


Power Ranger.


Getting ready to hit the road! Eugene Weekly gave us a sweet write up for our tour kick off show next week on Wednesday, October 8th at Sam Bond's Garage.

"Rearrange some Steel Cranes songs, add a little fiddle and steel guitar, and you’d have some no-nonsense, woman-done-wrong country music."

Ain't no fooling them northerners. Saddle up and read the rest HERE.


Off we go again!  Come see a show and hang out with us.  When not playing music we like to read, listen to podcasts, and pass the hours in shared silence with occasional jokes and thoughtful conversations.  WHAT ON EARTH ARE YOU WAITING FOR.


And here you have it. Our Before Dawn video! If you feel envious of our fashion sense and/or dance moves just know that you'll get there one day. We believe in you. Baby steps.