We are about to emerge after almost a year and a half of hibernating, writing, recording, mixing, practicing, and booking amongst other semi sorta glamorous and wholly unglamorous activities.  We will be back with a 7 week tour kicking off next week, August 4th, in Tucson, AZ!

It may take us a minute to remember how to engage with the outside world.  When we grunt it means we care, and please continue with whatever you were saying.  When we bend down and lay on the floor in the middle of our conversation it usually means we needed a little rest but that we're thankful you support us doing what we do though it also might mean we're hungry and we want you to tell us where the closest and best tacos can be found.  

Come hang with us!  Please let any friends in these towns know we are coming through.  We hugely appreciate the help getting the word out.  

More details can be found HERE and on our 'tour' page.  See you out there soon!

Tracy & Amanda