Our music video for "Today Is The Day" is premiering today over at SFist! We dug deep into our respective inner children and emerged as the militant track coaches that we are.

We had the immense pleasure of working with Steve Kaye, who directed, shot and edited this bad boy. If anyone is looking to hire someone for a creative video project, do yourself a solid and hire this man! We are also only as good as our most delinquent track team member, and thankfully we had a slew of terribly delinquent members - Brandon Garner, Chloe Kiester, Max Maliga, Brian Bacchus Kennedy, and Guillaume Lafarge.  The live footage was shot at PianoFight, gigantic supporters of arts of all kinds and a delightful place to spend 3 hours hovering a fraction of a decibel under the noise ordinance in the wee hours of the morn. Go team go!   

Check out the premiere HERE.