Our dearest Tango is all grown up and dressed in clingy plastic wrap and people are talking about what's on the inside:   

Shapiro and Schukle display a raw, sludgy rock ecstasy that revels in its ability to rattle your bones and brain while still reminding you why this sort of raucous sound is still necessary...  they tear down everything in their path and rebuild the surrounding countryside in a way that fits their noisy and cathartic justification."   -Nooga

"What Steel Cranes have done is make music that will want you to grip into/onto the attitude given not wanting to let go of its power."  -This is Book's Music

"For those who haven't noticed, one of the biggest problems with twenty-first century rock and pop music is the fact that almost everyone compresses the hell out of everything and you end up losing any and all dynamics that might have been there in the first place.  These two ladies seem to be taking the opposite approach with their songs.  The tracks on Tango have definite peaks and valleys in terms of volume and intensity.  We can't remember the last time we've heard a duo like this... "   -Baby Sue