Two album release shows!  Why?  Because we want to.  Because we live in different states.  Because we are lucky to feel at home in both Phoenix and Oakland.  Because why would two parties not be better than only one party?  Ask anyone with introverted tendencies, such as myself, and you will get a legitimate answer to that question.  But this time, two parties will really be better than one.  Promise.  Also, after emerging from a year and a half of living, breathing, dreaming, sneezing, and occasionally drowning in the mayhem of recording, mixing, and releasing an album, on top of booking a seven week tour...  Well, shit.  We just want to hang out, play some music, sell 4 CDs and 27 tee shirts, and hug a whole lot of you. 

Our Phoenix release show was an incredible kick off to this tour, and we've been slowly making our way up the west coast this week.  Oakland, we're coming for you this Saturday!  Our good friend Devon will be playing cello with us as well as opening the show with her eponymous project.  We'll also have The Bikini Complex and The Redlight District, both weird and wonderful bands, sharing the stage and joining in the celebration.  Amanda and I would love to see you there!  Xx-T