Whew! We've been back for a little over a month now resting up and working on new material. We unfortunately had to back out of KALX's Uptown show a few weeks back due to a gnarly dog bite that Amanda's hand is currently healing up from. BUT, next month we'll be making up for it with a First Friday show at The Uptown on February 7th and a show at Brick and Mortar in SF on February 11th.

As for a belated rundown of the ol' tour... Whelp. Two months on the road. AMAZING bands. Cool ass motherfucking venues. A few never again venues. Fainting goats. Hot tub overlooking Puget Sound. The Redwood Plan! Blood splattered snare.  They're pretty good for a girl band? For a band? They're not really my thing though I appreciate what they're doing.  As a band.  Old friends. New friends. Newborn niece. Podcasts. Bad Radio. Good records. Great records. Disagreements over such matters. Agreements over such matters. Compromise. Pulling neck muscles whilst rapping. Couches. Floors. Hiding in the van. Hiding in bathrooms. Dancing. Home-brewed beer out of a keg in the shape of a pig. Hilarious and heartwarming conversations. Random acts of kindness. Above and beyond generosity of strangers. Occonomowoc hibernation. Running out of gas. The fetching and delivery of gas by a kind officer at 4am. Home-cooked breakfasts. Venue owners, bookers, and communities that care deeply about supporting independent artists. The opposite of that. White knuckling it through snowstorms. Crushes. Desert desert desert. Love. Mountains mountains mountains. Boredom. Farmland farmland farmland. Law and Order SVU. Cleveland? Hikes. Cribshitter! Gospel Brunch. Late night tacos. Spelunking. More late night tacos. MORE late night tacos. Lunch tacos. Mid afternoon tacos. TACOS.

We are so very thankful for all the support and love that we experienced along the way. Booking and carrying out this tour was a massive endeavor and we could not have done it without the generosity and help of a lot of wonderful people. We'll be heading out again come May. See you down the road! -T

Here's some photos.. (More photos can be found on the FB)