Please come join us and our good friends Tik Tok and Flamingo Pink! on Sunday, September 1st at The Hemlock Tavern as we celebrate the release of our Boat Song 7" record.

These sweet, small, beautiful little creatures are patiently waiting, cramped up like sardines yet ever so composed. They aspire to find new homes under the care of people who like things that don't make sense, like 7" records and corndogs. They understand that they will never be full size and they live by the mantra, "fuck it." But they say it so lovingly that in those odd and rare moments when one accidentally tunes into their foreign frequency and happens to overhear the pulsing "fuck it fuck it fuck it", that person immediately has to go to the bathroom. It's weird, but it happens a lot. We're looking for funding to support the meticulous research that this phenomenon warrants. For every five dollar 7" we sell, we will put ALL five dollars towards this research project. Promise.


Steel Cranes