Sweet Lord Byron of romantic mercy did we have so much fun on our spring West Coast jaunt. Thank you everyone for coming out to the shows and for all the generosity along the way. Our hearts have been warmed. It was a royal gigantic treat to travel with and play a string of shows with two of our favorite bands, Japanese Game Show and The Redwood Plan. The Redwood Plan is at the end of their epic run and will be disbanding this summer after a final Seattle hometown show. We thank our lucky stars that our paths crossed and collided with them over this last year. They have become dear friends and we can't wait to play with them in other incarnations down the road. As for Japanese Game Show. Well shit, goddamn. They are top of the tops. Do yourself a favor and get their songs stuck in your head for weeks on end so we can commiserate.

Here's a video from our Los Angeles show at The Redwood Bar… Thanks to Rob Z and the BARNES posse for always putting on great shows for us down south and for the sweet camera work. Enjoy!