We've been hiding out in various southwest desert abodes taking walks with saguaros and sage and and bringing to life the nine songs that will comprise our next album.  It may seem like we've gone missing.  No shows.  An abysmal twitter feed.  No trashed hotel rooms.  Not even so much as a non nuanced Buzzfeed Steel Cranes think piece.

We are not missing.  We are deep in hermitage, doing the butterfly through an all consuming labor of love.  We recorded our first album, Ouroboros, in ten days with the wonderful Eli Crews holding down the engineering duties.  This time around, we're producing, engineering, and mixing everything ourselves while exploring meandering pathways and rabbit holes of orchestration and arrangements and we are looking towards completion almost one year after commencing.  It's a drastically different beast and one we can't wait to share.  We'll be emerging this spring for our first tour in what feels like forever. STAY TUNED.  We miss you!

Amanda: You're doing great. That was so great.
Tracy: Awe, thanks for saying that.
Amanda: No really you're doing great just do better this take.
Tracy: Oh.
Amanda: But really you're doing great.
Tracy: Thank you so much.