We've been hibernating since our fall tour fielding the ol' daily existential crisis and getting ready to record our second album, which we've decided to both produce and engineer ourselves to our cheap and control freaky delight! We lucked out big time last week when a friend offered us free reign over his cabin, which is perched on a cliff overlooking the ocean in Big Sur. We happily set up shop with the support of our canine mascot, Tango, who we were "watching" as part of the package. Tango speaks english so we pretty much just asked him for a lot of advice.

"Hey Tango, do you think this drum part should go ta ta ta tatata boom boom chick ta or ta ta ta tatata boom chick boom ta?"

"Hey Tango, if I sing this line with the emphasis on the 'oh oh oh' instead of on the 'Ahhhhhhh' do you think people will get me? Like really get me?"

We went through an exorbitant amount of butter and tortilla chips, sonically binged on Fleet Foxes and siriusXM Backspin radio, and watched a Gram Parsons documentary to Tracy's joy and Amanda's apathy, rewatched Y Tu Mamá También to Tracy's tears and Amanda's joy, and witnessed some otherworldly sunsets and a few sunrises for good measure.

The sounds and songs we were able to capture during our week in Big Sur left us with a solid foundation that we couldn't be more excited about. The next few months we'll be spending a lot of time in various homes and studios bringing these tunes to life. Our release is still a ways out there, likely fall of 2015, but we'll be playing songs old and new on the road in the meantime. Hope to see you out there!

Here's some photos from our week...