We are home! Home in our respective homes. Amanda in Phoenix.  Tracy in Oakland. It's been over a month since we've been back and, in social media land, that's probably close to 13 or 14 years. But still we rise from irrelevance to say thank you. Seriously thank you. Whenever we tour, we enter a different kind of rhythm that leaves us open to uncomfortable moments, hours, and days for sure. But with that openness, we also find ourselves as the recipients of enormous amounts of generosity. It's a real special thing to do what we love and to be taken care of so well while we do it.

And... After nearly two months on the road, we found ourselves continuously not wanting to kill each other!  I included the photo below to prove it. Imagine traveling and sleeping in a tiny space with a sibling or a close friend who is essentially like a sibling for weeks upon weeks while throwing huge chunks of yourselves into something you are deeply invested in and dependent upon each other for and then just try and convince me that we aren't a goddamn miracle. It won't work. Getting older, learning how to communicate effectively and honor our personal needs while making it a point to care for and support each other may have had something to do with it, but that's not very rock n' roll now, is it? It's a goddamn miracle. Final answer.

It takes a village for an independent band to scrape by. Thanks village!

Xx  -T


We are thrilled to announce that we have a new music video for our song, "Ebb," premiering over at Impose Magazine today!

Adrienne "Nipple Police" Calo directed and edited the video and Vanessa Carr is responsible for the gorgeous cinematography. They are both powerhouse creative wonders of the world and we feel incredibly fortunate to have collaborated with them on this project. We were asked some great questions by Impose and got to open up about this song, the video, and ourselves.  Watch the video and read the full interview HERE.


This photo below is from our release show last Saturday at Golden Bull in Oakland.  We had an absolutely amazing time with so many good friends everywhere we turned!  That's the magnificent Devon McClive on cello.  ONE DAY WE WILL STEAL HER (with consent) FOREVER (provided she continues to give consent).

This week we are off to the Pacific Northwest.  It always feels like home away from home up there for us.  Here's where you can catch us:

8·16 Bamboo Room at King Wah's, MEDFORD

8·17 The Boreal, EUGENE

8·18 World Famous Kenton Club , PORTLAND

8·19 Blue Moon, SEATTLE

8·20 McCoy's Tavern, OLYMPIA

8·21 Real Art Tacoma, TACOMA


Two album release shows!  Why?  Because we want to.  Because we live in different states.  Because we are lucky to feel at home in both Phoenix and Oakland.  Because why would two parties not be better than only one party?  Ask anyone with introverted tendencies, such as myself, and you will get a legitimate answer to that question.  But this time, two parties will really be better than one.  Promise.  Also, after emerging from a year and a half of living, breathing, dreaming, sneezing, and occasionally drowning in the mayhem of recording, mixing, and releasing an album, on top of booking a seven week tour...  Well, shit.  We just want to hang out, play some music, sell 4 CDs and 27 tee shirts, and hug a whole lot of you. 

Our Phoenix release show was an incredible kick off to this tour, and we've been slowly making our way up the west coast this week.  Oakland, we're coming for you this Saturday!  Our good friend Devon will be playing cello with us as well as opening the show with her eponymous project.  We'll also have The Bikini Complex and The Redlight District, both weird and wonderful bands, sharing the stage and joining in the celebration.  Amanda and I would love to see you there!  Xx-T


Today is the day!  Our new album, Tango, is officially alive and breathing in the world!  Is this real?  It's real.  It's kind of hard for us to believe still as we've been consumed in this labor of pure love for the last year and a half.  Yet here we are.  Day of birth!  

Tango is available for streaming and/or download at all your favorite places to get music. You can listen immediately by clicking the play button below.  We are beaming and could not be more ready to share this album.  We've got two album release shows.  First up is tonight at Rips Bar in Phoenix (home of Amanda), second up will be on August 13th in Oakland (home of Tracy).  The perks of a long distance relationship!  Two homes.  Two hometown celebrations. 

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"And whereas it sounds totally all over the place, there is never a step out of march. Even in the seeming lack of control, there is absolute control, an undeniable method to the madness... it’s a tug-of-war between the hope brought with happiness and the hope FOR happiness. And it is worth every step."

This is but a glimpse of Innocent Words' thoughtful review of Tango.  Check it out HERE!


Are you all, "What is with these premieres that send me to a whole different website to hear a track or listen to a video?!"  

If so, this post is hand tailored for you, with love, from us.  Here's our new video for Today is the Day.  Naked and waiting.  As long as you understand that not everything is going to come this easy, we support this particular thing being this easy.


I had a nice talk with Pollstar about Tango, our upcoming 40-date tour, Amanda and my sisterly relationship, the baffling nature of the guitar coming from classical piano training, and my never ending admiration for all things Maria Bamford. -T

Check it out HERE!



We are about to emerge after almost a year and a half of hibernating, writing, recording, mixing, practicing, and booking amongst other semi sorta glamorous and wholly unglamorous activities.  We will be back with a 7 week tour kicking off next week, August 4th, in Tucson, AZ!

It may take us a minute to remember how to engage with the outside world.  When we grunt it means we care, and please continue with whatever you were saying.  When we bend down and lay on the floor in the middle of our conversation it usually means we needed a little rest but that we're thankful you support us doing what we do though it also might mean we're hungry and we want you to tell us where the closest and best tacos can be found.  

Come hang with us!  Please let any friends in these towns know we are coming through.  We hugely appreciate the help getting the word out.  

More details can be found HERE and on our 'tour' page.  See you out there soon!

Tracy & Amanda


Our music video for "Today Is The Day" is premiering today over at SFist! We dug deep into our respective inner children and emerged as the militant track coaches that we are.

We had the immense pleasure of working with Steve Kaye, who directed, shot and edited this bad boy. If anyone is looking to hire someone for a creative video project, do yourself a solid and hire this man! We are also only as good as our most delinquent track team member, and thankfully we had a slew of terribly delinquent members - Brandon Garner, Chloe Kiester, Max Maliga, Brian Bacchus Kennedy, and Guillaume Lafarge.  The live footage was shot at PianoFight, gigantic supporters of arts of all kinds and a delightful place to spend 3 hours hovering a fraction of a decibel under the noise ordinance in the wee hours of the morn. Go team go!   

Check out the premiere HERE.


The Queen of transcription is in the house.

She is deep at work writing us backwards from an album with multiple guitar parts, bass, keys, cello, and drums to a live show delivered by two people with two hands each.  Come see for yourself, we can't wait to get out there again!  Tour kicks off Thursday, August 4th in Tucson, AZ.   



"A few tracks bring this gothic vibe reminiscent of acts like Rasputina, while others are purely badass blues punk bangers like The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, but with a completely different kind of swagger. Tango‘s intensity and vigor never wears thin... The senses will be hit like a wrecking ball through a brick building."

Thank you to Motif magazine for crowning Tango album of the week!  

Full writeup HERE.


"Today is the Day" is premiering over at Verbicide Magazine today along with the dates for our upcoming six week tour.  Check it all out HERE.

This song has a sweet origin story. Amanda and I took a short break from playing together after recording our last album. The first we saw of each other was two weeks later at rehearsal when we discovered that, during those two weeks off, with no contact between the two of us, we had both written songs called "Today is the Day."

Magic? Science? Who knows... What we do know is that this premiere is of my "Today is the Day." Tracy for the win! Thank god, Amanda was gaining momentum correcting my grammar on all of our facebook posts.  -T